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Saor is Gaelic (Irish) for Free and is pronounced "seer" as in seering meat in a pan.

Saorview is Digital Terrestrial in Ireland using DVB-T (DVB-T2 tuners will work), HD, MPEG4 H.264. HD downsampling on SCART is needed for non-HDTV with setbox. MHEG5 middleware. A regular UHF aerial is used for reception.

Saorsat is the copy of Saorview that will hopefully be transmitted via Kasat @ 9E (satellite, Ka Band). It's likely a 44cm dish is fine. If you have an existing dish you will need a 2nd dish (which need not look like a dish). Sky Irish TV will not carry RTE HD nor full Saorsat service, but just the existing Irish content.

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