Electronic Program Guide. Like having a live RTE-guide or Radio Times built in. May show five to seven days ahead of all channels with details on each program. A PVR (Personal Video Recorder) for Saorview or Saorsat can use the EPG to “tag” all the programs to be recorded. Much easier than programming a VHS. The exact appearance of the program guide depends on the TV or Set-box used.
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Digiguide purchased by EBS New Media

I have been using Digiguide for Progam Listings on my laptop for nearly 10 years.


GipsyMedia purchased by EBS New Media Ltd.

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Why we need MHEG5 EPG on Saorview

It's evident that the look, feel and user interface to EPG (electronic Program guide) varies dramatically between Windows 7 Media Center, 3rd party PC programs, Digital TVs and Set-box that can all receive Saorview.

This is not a good thing, and confusing to ordinary consumer.

There is a solution

Freeview Australia has launched its long-awaited electronic programme guide using MHEG technology provided by the UK’s Strategy & Technology (S&T).

The Freeview EPG will, for the first time,  provide a consolidated platform for the consumer when navigating Freeview channels, and will also provide consistency of experience across multiple digital TVs in the home, so that the consumer only has to learn the navigation once,” said Robin Parkes, CEO of Freeview Australia.