A very new type of Terrestrial transmission, currently only in the UK since 2009 for HD DTT only. DVB-T2 receivers are all thus all HD and work with DVB-T also for HD or non-HD signals.
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Danish Digital Radio trials with DVB-T2 Lite

Press Release from Kenneth Wenzel of Open Channel

First Danish digital radio trials with DVB-T2 Lite is going live in November
DVB-T2, which is used for broadcasting digital television can easily be used to broadcast digital radio in Denmark, and the standard is superior to DAB+ at all times, believes Open Channel, who has obtained a DVB-T2 trial license on a 1.7 MHz channel bandwidth, also called a T-DAB frequency.

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DVB-T2 Lite

DVB_T2-logo The DVB Project has published details of a new profile for its terrestrial broadcasting standard, designed to support low capacity applications such as mobile broadcasting.

Version 1.3.1 of the Blue Book for DVB-T2 adds the new T2-Lite profile. At the same time the previous single profile has been renamed as the T2-base profile.

According to the DVB, T2-Lite is based on a limited sub-set of the modes of the T2-base profile, and by avoiding modes which require the most complexity and memory, allows much more efficient receiver designs to be used.

One possible use for T2-Lite enables the simulcasting of two different versions of the same service, with different bit-rates and levels of protection, which would allow better reception in fringe areas.

Download the specification here (DVB.org)

Development of DVB-h as mobile standard has basically been abandoned. It's unknown how this relates to the DVB-T2 "Lite" mux discussed for deployment of RTE/TG4 services in N.I. 

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Is this the cheapest UK "High Street" DVB-T2 box?

via Currys UK Website<

The Digihome DVBT2-665 Digital Receiver is a sure means to get access to High Definition Freeview channels. This digital Freeview HD receiver has an HDMI digihome-dvb-t2-665output to transmit the signal to your HD ready TV.

But the DVBT2-665 Digital Receiver is also backward compatible: thanks to a SCART connector, you can be sure almost any television set can be hooked up to the DVBT2-665 Digital Receiver. This glossy little black box will find its place near any TV.

Join the HD revolution with the great-value Digihome DVBT2-665 Digital Receiver!

Connectors Scart plug,
Audio outputs, 1x optical out, 1 x HDMI

Included accessories -remote control

DIGIHOME Freeview HD Digital TV Receiver
Product code: 639261 £49.99

In theory should work Freeview, "Freeview HD" and Saorview, even though not Saorview Certified.

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South Africa decides on DVB-T2 for DTT.

SADC confirms DVB-T2 for South Africa

After months of uncertainty the Southern African Development Community (SADC) digital task force has selected DVB-T2 with MPEG-4 compression as the terrestrial transmission standard for the region. Announcing the decision committee chairman Joel Kaapanda (pictured) pointed to the region’s international obligations under the ITU Region 1 Geneva ITU GE06 Agreement and the ITU’s 2015 deadline for the migration from analogue to digital television.