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Is Unity a mistake?

Even on XP (2001) you can make the Task Bar very like an OS X or Win7 dock and put it on any edge on any of the connected screens.

Unity is the new OpenGL based GUI & Desktop on Ubuntu

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USA Radio Royalties and Mandatory FM Radio in Phones

The USA has long history of conflict with the rest of the World over Intellictual Property. It's not just really stupid patents that should never have been granted or the widespread "piracy" of European books in the past by republishing in USA without paying royalty and also gratuitious changes to text. In English speaking countries out side USA, the "American" spelling and grammer is not changed.

There is a big problem with music royalties on Radio, despite the RIAA and DMCA.<
The parties calculated that the “business exemption” had nullified 1,219,900 Euro per year.

The United States treatment of mechanical royalties is in sharp contrast to international practice.<
In the United States, while the right to use copyrighted music for making records for public distribution (for private use) is an exclusive right of the composer, the Copyright Act provides that once the music is so recorded, anyone else can record the composition/song without a negotiated license but on the payment of the statutory compulsory royalty. Thus, its use by different artists could lead to several separately-owned copyrighted 'sound recordings'.