Digital TV modulated for Satellite transmission. Satellites are about 36,000 km away. A Dish and LNB is required as well as the DVB-S digital tuner.

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Saor is Gaelic (Irish) for Free and is pronounced "seer" as in seering meat in a pan.

Saorview is Digital Terrestrial in Ireland using DVB-T (DVB-T2 tuners will work), HD, MPEG4 H.264. HD downsampling on SCART is needed for non-HDTV with setbox. MHEG5 middleware. A regular UHF aerial is used for reception.

Splitting Satellite Signals

You can't sensibly split satellite cables. Part of the Tuner is the LNB at end of Dish arm. There are four groups of channels. Signals (13V or 18V and 22kHz on/off) from the satellite receiver to the LNB select the group of Channels. In some cases you could damage a tuner.

There are two solutions to add more satellite Receivers (TV with satellite Tuner, Set-box or PVR). A Satellite PVR (Recorder) usually needs two connections for its two tuners unlike a Terrestrial PVR.

  1. LNB with more outlets. LNBs can have 1, 2(Twin) 4(Quad) or 8 (Octo) outlets.
  2. A Multiswitch: Multiswitches need a Quad or Quattro LNB usually to feed them. and are available up to 16 outlets. They can be expanded to over 2000 outlets. Also they can have additional inputs so as to work with 1, 2, 3 or 4 Satellites (positions) at the same time.

6. Freesat

Freesat is the brand name for most of the UK Free to Air Satellite TV from 28.2E (Mostly Astra2D)

Unlike a basic FTA (Free To Air Satellite) receiver it provides

  • Detailed 7 day Program Guide (EPG)
  • Automatic list of all Channels (no manual scan or edit of transponders needed)
  • Interactive information and Advanced Text (Most Teletext is gone on UK Satellite)
  • Over the Air software upgrades (Only some FTA receivers and not on the Freesat/Sky satellite position)

A version for the Irish market has been sold with "Sat4free" branding.

The channel line up is similar to but not the same as UK Freeview. There is an HD version, which picks up the non-HD channels and works with HDTV via HDMI or regular TV via SCART.