UK FTA (Free to Air) digital TV, excluding HDTV, picked up on a Dish from a Satellite 36,000km above the Equator @28.2E. This has more channels than Freeview and can be received for free anywhere in Ireland. All the most viewed channels are actually on Sky. Pay Channels such as Sky Sport and Sky One are not on Freesat, but they have less than 2% viewing time, among Sky Subscribers. No Pay channel has more than 2% viewing time and most are less than 0.1%! No Freesat model will work with Saorsat.
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DVBviewer pro 4.8.1 release

The changelog:


We finally added MHEG-5 support to the DVBViewer.

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DVBviewer 4.8.1 (€15) is out and adds improved MHEG5 support.

Update to previous released 3rd June 2011. Fixes some bugs seen below

The MHEG5 is a plug in to be purchased separately (€10).

Here is a Preview Video (youtube) of MHEG5 on DVBviewer

I will review later.

With 2nd June 2011 Version 4.8.1 of DVBviewer pro the MHEG bugs of time and video scale are fixed.


One "bug" is due to having wrong "DirectX" Renderer. On XP you need

[X] Use Custom Renderers

 [ VMR9 Custom Renderer ]

(On Win 7 use EVR Custom Renderer)


RTE 2 HD rendered correctly

6. Freesat

Freesat is the brand name for most of the UK Free to Air Satellite TV from 28.2E (Mostly Astra2D)

Unlike a basic FTA (Free To Air Satellite) receiver it provides

  • Detailed 7 day Program Guide (EPG)
  • Automatic list of all Channels (no manual scan or edit of transponders needed)
  • Interactive information and Advanced Text (Most Teletext is gone on UK Satellite)
  • Over the Air software upgrades (Only some FTA receivers and not on the Freesat/Sky satellite position)

A version for the Irish market has been sold with "Sat4free" branding.

The channel line up is similar to but not the same as UK Freeview. There is an HD version, which picks up the non-HD channels and works with HDTV via HDMI or regular TV via SCART.

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Irish Digital TV Announced

RTE executives met with the Oireachtas Committee for Communications  14-07-2010.

(see this word doc<)

The Irish Terrestrial Digital Television (i.e. via an aerial), called Saorview will launch 31st October 2010. In Spring/Summer 2011 the plan is to add Saorsat<, a fill-in and backup Satellite service (i.e. via a dish). Our existing Analogue TV will be turned of by (during, starting end of?) 2012.