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Domestic Power Factor

Power Factor for Domestic users isn't a Cost issue. There is a Scam selling PF correction for Homes. Here is explanation<.


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1. Analogue to Digital Changeover (DSO, ASO)

Virtually every Country is replacing Analogue TV with Digital TV. The commencing of new Digital services (DSO, Digital Switch On) and ceasing of existing Analogue TV (DSO  Digital Switch Over, ASO Analogue Switch Off) is much more rapid than the change from 405 Line to 625 line Analogue in the UK (over 15 years). Some countries (Netherlands and USA) have already turned off the Analogue TV they had since late 1940s/ early 1950s.

There is no such thing as a Digital Aerial or Digital Amplifier. Terrestrial Digital (TV via an aerial) uses the same aerials and amplifiers as 60 year old Analogue TV. The only difference is that in Ireland we used VHF (Big long rods) and UHF(short rods or grid/bowtie) for Analogue TV, but for Digital we will use UHF only. All existing TG4 and TV3 is on UHF using Analogue.

Many masts are already transmitting digital signals and this will be official for over 85% of the country by 31st October 2010. From then till mid 2011 and information campaign will "ramp up". No-one needs to "rush in" to any purchases or decisions. Most people will not need an new aerial. Some time during 2011 the Digital coverage (signals that can be received on an Aerial) will reach at least 95% and be complemented by a Satellite signal via a Dish for those that eventually will have no Aerial signal (2% to 8% of people).

Digital TV

Digital TV<

  • Terrestrial DTT: Saorview<< and Freeview<
  • Cable and Fibre
  • Satellite: Freesat and Sky
  • VOD and IPTV
  • Internet TV and Web Video
  • TV via PC, Laptop, Media Centre, PVR, Setbox, PS3



  • CFL
  • Regular
  • Tubes
  • LED
  • Halogen

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