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It's more than ten years after ICDG forums moved to in April 2001

When Byte and I moderated on we set up an ICDG "wiki" for Static information and to save good stuff from posts. Those Cable, Satellite and Terrestrial forums were a spin off from which moved to as hosted forums originally.  Broadcasting History is from (Richard Logue's) Irish TV's Bar  forum and given a home on under broadcasting. Foreign satellite was started on by popular demand after the Forums had already joined the Boards mainstream (Until Saorsat starts it's all Foreign :) ) but it's really about payTV Football as the original Satellite Forum always had plenty of non-UK sat discussion.

So we set up "bytelive".  However it wasn't quite what we wanted and there were issues of security, spam and ease of use.   I think we have most of the stuff not out-of-date that was put up on the wiki copied into Techtir articles now, i.e.

Some of it needs tidied up a bit as initially we tried boards type vBulletin with plug-ins for articles.  Anyone/Everyone is welcome to contribute. is fine for discussion, but not good for Articles. Wikipedia is OK to create "verified" informational entries but they don't allow your own work or research or "how to" articles.

So really the "Cable & Digital TV" part of " > Tech  > Cable & Digital TV" historically is not part of culture or originated by boards. Some of the originals involved are thus having the original aims of IrishTV and ICDG with other technologies under the umbrella of

Techtir is a year old on 21st September 2010, though public launch was 10th of October 2009

Thanks to watty, Byte, DMC, Bond-007, loguey (, ICDG (the guy that started us, ) and all the other people I haven't listed that contributed good content to ICDG forums & Broadcasting History, latterly on boards and then on the wiki on bytelive and now here.


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