Walker WP11DTP Saorview STB - First Impressions

I got my first look at the WP11 set top box yesterday.

It's smaller than the older WP10, with a metal casing, painted black and a red 4 digit display for channel number, and a blue LED to indicate it's on (red for off).

Looks wise, I think it looks cheap and tacky, especially the red digit display, where many other electronics use VFD

Connectivity wise, at the back, it has HDMI, stereo phono output, optical output, USB port, Scart and of course RF loopthrough.  And then the jack input for the external power supply.

The remote layout is not great either, again it seems bland.  I hope to put up images soon.

However, on with using it!

I plugged it in, and after the short boot period, it starts with initial setup.  The setup is very easy.  Start off with language, then onto country, what resolution you want your HDMI port, and a Yes/No option for Auto scanning.

I did the autoscan and tuned in all the available channels, as you'd expect.

Channel hopping seems to take around a second, though it isn't too annoying.

All features work well, like the digital Aertel, the Saorview EPG.  I spotted no real problems at all during the short time I messed about with it.

I plugged in a USB pendrive hoping it would record, as there is a record button on the remote.  Alas, it does not record at this moment in time, though I hope it can be enabled in the future.  It does playback mp3 files etc via USB. I have not tried any MPEG video files yet.

It does what you'd expect it to do, it's just a shame that the front fascia looks so uninspiring.