iRiver Story e-book reader

iRiver Story e-book reader

Here's a quick review of iRiver Story e-book reader I purchased last Christmas. I'm pretty satisfied with it overall. In my opinion, it's one of the better six-inch e-book readers in its class. At least for my needs anyway.

I'm big a fan of iRiver products because they are generally no DRM'ed into oblivion and don't force you to use crappy software to transfer files. The iRiver Story is no exception. You just plug the thing in via a USB connection and your computer detects it as standard external storage device. iRiver don't supply any ebook management software. You can either transfer files through Windows Explorer or use third-party applications like Calibre.

The overall build quality is good and the device fits snugly in your hands. The screen is extremely clear to read, even in low light. It's probably roughly on par with the old Sony PR-505 screens, but significantly better than the new PRS-600 touch which suffers from additional glare and low contrast due to the extra layers of plastic required for the touch screen. The Story has a keyboard instead of a touch screen which was more than adequate for my needs. It comes with a large amount of built-in storage (2 GB), and has a slot for an SD Card for anyone who might need more than that. It also has a built-in music player that will play standard MP3 files. I haven't it myself. But it is a nice bonus feature to have. The battery life is supposed to be about 100 hours continuous usage. I typically charge the device about two or three times a week.

There were some minor bugs with the software when it first arrived, but upgrading the firmware is extremely simple. The menu system is a bit clunky, but speedy to use. The pages are slow to turn as you would expect from a device that uses a standard e-Ink screen. In contrast with eReaders from companies like Amazon, there is no wireless or 3G access. That wasn't something I needed. But it may be a deal breaker for other people.

The device can play a wide variety of formats: everything from word docs and text files, to ePub to PDF's. As you might expect with PDF's, not all books will display properly on a six-inch screen. However, the Story was able to display most of the PDF books I tried on it. But for best results, I would recommend sticking with the ePub format.

About £199.00
I purchased my from here<

Dimensions: 127 x 203.5 x 9.4mm
Weight: 284g
Screen size: 800 x 600 pixels
Battery Life: 9,000 page turns or 20 hours of audio playback

Excellent screen quality
No need for ebook management software
Large amount of built-in storage
Good battery life.

Crap name
No touch capability
Screen is only 6 inches
Doesn't have wireless or 3G access