Catpad for FT817 Radio: PIC based 128x64 terminal

The handheld speaker mic for FT817 (adapable for any CAT/CIV radio). UI and Feature comments here<)

Hardware/SW Features:
Mono 128 x 64 graphics only LCD, with software fonts for small, normal, large and bold
Up to 65 key in 8 x 8 layout. Prototype has 4x4 pad, 4 buttons and connector for 5 buttons.
Analogue measurements
Real time Clock in Software/Sleep, though you could add I2C real time clock
24LC512 I2C 64kByte EEPROM
PIC16F877A, but PIC16F887 should work.
Display and keys share I/O pins without display corruption.
38,400baud serial i/o to radio.
Additional Software UARTs for external GPS and Packet/PSK modems and/or PC
TDA7330 option 57kHz RDS decoder
DTMF generation in software.