Enable video on LG 42LD450

To enable USB video you need to edit Service Settings. If you do this wrong you might "brick" your TV, it's at your own risk.

What is this for?

These Instructions are ONLY for European LG 42LD450 TV that claims to have Video Playback and does not have video playback.

For some reason though it's in the manual and advertising the Video playback is disabled. Video Icon missing from Menu.

These instructions are ONLY if you don't have a Suitable "One for all"


I used a One-for-all URC-7730.
Code I had posted originally (12128) wouldn't work for me so I went to
the site, entered my remote model, then TV model and the site suggested a
suitable code.
Having taken control of the TV with new code, I simply followed steps 3 - 6 as set out below.


3. Press the magic button ONCE
4. Type 00018
5. Type 0413 in the password box (to gain access to settings menu)
6. Then go to tool3 and set DivX from 0 to 1.

You need:

  • serial port
  • 9 way female to female cross over cable ( commonly called "Null Modem Cable")
  • On Windows up to XP you can use "hyperterminal". Most OS have a Serial Terminal Application included. Otherwise download free PuTTY for Vista/Windows 7
  • Set to Echo so you can see what you type.
  • No need to append LF to CR
  • Set Serial port to 9600, no parity, 1 stop bit, no handshake

In the Terminal Program

af 0 ff 
  and Enter/CR (That's a zero) This reads Service Setting Tool Option 3 allegedly

It should reply with

f 00 OK8c04x

Now "bit 14" of that service setting needs to be "1"

so ONLY if the above worked, then type exactly

af 0 08c 040
and Enter/CR

now put TV to standby

unplug mains lead and count to 10

Reconnect mains

Try out your USB stick or USB Hard Drive. FAT32 or NTFS formats.