Historic Heroes before 1950

Folk making significant contribution to Radio, TV, Electronics and Computer Technology up to 1950.

Really the hundred years of 1840s to 1940s was amazing. The technology existed such that we could have had recordings on Disc made in London of Live Video transmitted from 2nd Boer War 1899 - 1902. Some recordings where made of  Early Mechanical TV transmissions in 1920s and 1930s using "recordable" "78s".  Marconi Radio wagons where on ship standing off Capetown. But not used.

Nipkow Mechanical TV from 1883
Emile Berliner Gramophone discs from 1886
Marconi Wireless Transmissions from 1894

All before valves invented!

Realistically even Mechanical TV needed Valves.

The Victorians also invented calculating machines, Typewriters and Ballpoint pens. Also curiously the CRT and Oscilloscope nearly 10 years before the Triode in 1897. The delay in Electronic TV was a good "photo-target. The idea of CRT beam "reading" a photo-target with moving image focused on it also pre-dated the Triode valve of 1906, though public presentations where in 1907 and 1908. This is the breakthrough of EMI team in UK and Zworykin in RCA that eluded Farnsworth with his very poor sensitivity "Image Dissector".

So really electronic TV was inevitable. Many CRT sets are still made in 2011, which in UK is 75th Anniversary of Electronic TV public Service and in Ireland the 50th (Nearly midnight 31st December 1961). In November 2012 Irish Analogue Broadcast TV finally closes and in 2012 the remaining pockets of Analogue TV also close. Will some countries still be running Analogue TV at the 100th Anniversary? We don't know. But even Digital TV has embedded in it parts of the old Analogue standards,

Public Voice Broadcast services of Radio started in the early 1920s, though voice was used for point to point and some public test broadcasts at an earlier date. All the earlier transmissions from 1885 were telegraphic, a wireless version of Telegraph services usually using Morse code.