"Tatiana" a clone of "The Sweetheart"

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ype 31/1 (Sweetheart) Battery Valve (Tube) Radio
Or "From Russia with Love" as we will recreate the design using the more modern and 1/10th price Russian 1j24b sub-miniature Pentodes. Since the unwitting Russian was Tatiana Romanova, I'll call the clone radio "The Tatiana"

The type 31/1, also known as Sweetheart, is one of the most beautiful clandestine receivers of WWII. It was developed for use by the SOE in 1943 by the Norwegian Willy Simonsen in the UK. It consists of a small body-wearable receiver, a separate battery unit and a tobacco tin that contains the earphones. Receiver and battery case are painted in blue/grey wrinkle paint. Read more via the Cryptomuseum<

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