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BAI, Government and Pay DTT fantasy.

I've always said Terrestrial Pay TV isn't viable in Ireland.

TV Numeric, the sole company marketing the French basic pay-DTT package, is contemplating pulling the plug on its business

Read more on "Broadband TV News<"

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Real Rado Amateurs?

This is what "Radio Amateur" should maybe be about in the 21st Century, rather than CW bugs, Echolink, DStar, collecting squares and off the shelf rigs.

From 1905 to 1950s Amateur radio was in the forefront of Innovation and Wireless Experimentation. Post Office Trunk circuit SSB applied to Radio etc after WWII.

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First Mirasol Colour eInk tablet

We have been waiting about 2 years!

Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc. (QMT) a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), and Kyobo Book Centre, Korea’s largest seller of books, today announced the retail availability of the world’s first e-reader to include mirasol® display technology. Kyobo and Qualcomm have collaborated to deliver an unmatched reading experience by providing a large and diverse content portfolio spanning books, magazines and video on a touch display that features vibrant color in bright sunlight. The device allow for weeks of reading under typical usage.

via Mirasol<



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MREN Rally 2011 Nov 20th

Mayo Radio Experimenters Radio Rally

The Mayo Radio Experimenters are holding their annual Radio Rally on Sunday 20th November at their usual location in the Welcome Inn Hotel, Castlebar, Co Mayo where the doors will open at 11.00am.

This is one of the premier events on the Irish radio scene each year and as well as the usual extensive range of traders, club stands, demonstrations and extensive catering facilities, the club is proud to announce even more reasons to attend this year Rally.

On Saturday evening, 19th of November we are lucky to have two of Ireland’s most experienced amateurs enthusiasts, who will talk on their respective topics:
Commencing at 7.00pm Pat Fitzpatrick EI2HX will give a talk and demonstration on amateur television (ATV).
Pat has extensive experience and many of you will be aware of his articles in Echo Ireland and qrz.com. This is a unique opportunity to explore this aspect of the hobby and Pat will allow time to answer any queries or comments you may have.

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NI Reception after 2012

Anyone near N.I. Border should consider a Saorview TV that has DVB-T2 tuner or a "Freeview HD" TV. ASO for N.I. on 24th October will dramatically increase transmission power and add more transmitter sites. An HD DVB-T2 multiplex will be added. Some sites may have a DVB-T2 "mini-mux" for a few Irish channels.

DVB-T2 status

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Exact ASO date confirmed

Finally officially confirmed what we knew, ASO (Analogue Switch Off of television) in NI, and Ireland is end of October 2012. The exact date is confirmed as 24th October 2012.

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DVBviewer and MHEG plugin 15th Sept 2011

Posted on DVBviewer forum 22 April 2012 - 19:48 released the new DVBViewer Pro

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Danish Digital Radio trials with DVB-T2 Lite

Press Release from Kenneth Wenzel of Open Channel

First Danish digital radio trials with DVB-T2 Lite is going live in November
DVB-T2, which is used for broadcasting digital television can easily be used to broadcast digital radio in Denmark, and the standard is superior to DAB+ at all times, believes Open Channel, who has obtained a DVB-T2 trial license on a 1.7 MHz channel bandwidth, also called a T-DAB frequency.

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Cork Radio Rally

Cork Rally 2011 There's a ham radio/+CB/scanners/shortwave rally this coming Sunday the 11th September 2011
11:30AM-4PM (5 Euro) at Blarney Golf Resort, Tower (near Blarney) Co. Cork run by NCRG amateur radio group:



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"Tatiana" a clone of "The Sweetheart"

Type 31/1 (Sweetheart) Battery Valve (Tube) Radio

Or "From Russia with Love" as we will recreate the design using the more modern and 1/10th price Russian 1j24b sub-miniature Pentodes. Since the unwitting Russian was Tatiana Romanova, I'll call the clone radio "The Tatiana"

The type 31/1, also known as Sweetheart, is one of the most beautiful clandestine receivers of WWII. It was developed for use by the SOE in 1943 by the Norwegian Willy Simonsen in the UK. It consists of a small body-wearable receiver, a separate battery unit and a tobacco tin that contains the earphones. Receiver and battery case are painted in blue/grey wrinkle paint. Read more via the Cryptomuseum<and  also Radiomuseum.org<.

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Totally Tropical

Coming soon


What will this be part of?

Hint 1: 1950s BBC Children's program.

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DVB-T2 Lite

DVB_T2-logo The DVB Project has published details of a new profile for its terrestrial broadcasting standard, designed to support low capacity applications such as mobile broadcasting.

Version 1.3.1 of the Blue Book for DVB-T2 adds the new T2-Lite profile. At the same time the previous single profile has been renamed as the T2-base profile.

According to the DVB, T2-Lite is based on a limited sub-set of the modes of the T2-base profile, and by avoiding modes which require the most complexity and memory, allows much more efficient receiver designs to be used.

One possible use for T2-Lite enables the simulcasting of two different versions of the same service, with different bit-rates and levels of protection, which would allow better reception in fringe areas.

Download the specification here (DVB.org)

Development of DVB-h as mobile standard has basically been abandoned. It's unknown how this relates to the DVB-T2 "Lite" mux discussed for deployment of RTE/TG4 services in N.I.