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Why we need MHEG5 EPG on Saorview

It's evident that the look, feel and user interface to EPG (electronic Program guide) varies dramatically between Windows 7 Media Center, 3rd party PC programs, Digital TVs and Set-box that can all receive Saorview.

This is not a good thing, and confusing to ordinary consumer.

There is a solution

Freeview Australia has launched its long-awaited electronic programme guide using MHEG technology provided by the UK’s Strategy & Technology (S&T).

The Freeview EPG will, for the first time,  provide a consolidated platform for the consumer when navigating Freeview channels, and will also provide consistency of experience across multiple digital TVs in the home, so that the consumer only has to learn the navigation once,” said Robin Parkes, CEO of Freeview Australia.

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Ham Botherer


A 63-year-old man from Hull has pleaded guilty to driving by the homes of radio hams purely for the joy of interfering with their hobby.

In a case brought by Ofcom, Clive McMurray appeared in Hull Crown Court and admitted operating a radio transmitter without a licence.

He was given a four-month sentence suspended for 18 months as well as forfeiting his radio kit and landing a curfew preventing him from roaming the streets between 7pm and 7am at night.

Driving around in his van, Mr McMurray would park up outside the home of an operating radio ham and start jamming the signal or broadcasting his own (or both). Quite why he did this remains a mystery, but despite initially denying the charges in September he pleaded guilty on Monday.

via The Register<

He could have faced stiffer penalties.

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South Africa decides on DVB-T2 for DTT.

SADC confirms DVB-T2 for South Africa

After months of uncertainty the Southern African Development Community (SADC) digital task force has selected DVB-T2 with MPEG-4 compression as the terrestrial transmission standard for the region. Announcing the decision committee chairman Joel Kaapanda (pictured) pointed to the region’s international obligations under the ITU Region 1 Geneva ITU GE06 Agreement and the ITU’s 2015 deadline for the migration from analogue to digital television.
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Test WiFi on your Nokia

Nokia is offering a free WiFi Diagnostic Tool<



Connectivity Diagnostics Test

With a couple of clicks the application connects to a selected access point and performs a diagnostics test. In case of any problems with the connectivity, you are informed about it with troubleshooting tips.

Connection Observer

This graphical presentation of WLAN and packet data connectivity and events releated to it helps you to analyze WLAN networks and how roaming is performed e.g. when using VoIP. The gathered data can be stored into a .csv file for further analysis. More advanced users and application developers can also capture the IP traffic of the device into a pcap file.

Ping Utility

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Lidl Repents: Proper Digital TV

See their Brochure <

Finally!  They got ONE detail wrong though

Digital aerial required. Requirements will vary depending on the coverage in your area

No such thing as a digital Aerial!


32inch FullHD LCD TV with MPEG4 Tuner

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Saorview Resource for Humans

New resource for Non-Technical folk (ordinary Humans) for Saorview and Saorsat (link)<, the new Irish Digital Terrestrial.

I think is a nice easy address for your friends. Comment to this post to suggest additions or corrections to the site or use this form here (link)< if you are not a Member here. 

UPDATE: RTE / RTE NL now have two excellent resources. The Information Site Saorview<  and the Coverage Site<.

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Consultation till 10th Dec 2010 on new RTE channels

Communications Minister Eamon Ryan today announced that he
is seeking the views of the public on a range of new channels proposed
by RTÉ for transmission on digital television. Members of the public
will have until the 10th of December 2010 to submit their views.

The switch-on of digital television was announced by the Minister on
the 29th of October and will include RTÉ One, RTÉ2, TV3, and TG4. RTÉ
has submitted a proposal for additional channels on this free-to-air
service. They are:

- RTÉ Two HD Select

- RTÉ News Now

- RTÉjr (channel aimed at preschool children)

- RTÉ Plus (repeat of peaktime RTÉ One content)

- RTÉ Aertel Digital (enhanced digital teletext service)

Announcing the consultation the Minister said

TOG : Talks/Demos/ Workshops for Science Week and Innovation Dublin

As part of Science Week and Innovation Dublin Events TOG will be running a series of talks/demos/ and workshops from 6th November 2010 to 21st November 2010. All talks and demos are free. The workshops have a materials fee. All events are open to the public. So come along and listen to some interesting people for a night.

* Building it! (workshop)
* Linux for everybody! (demonstration)
* Some applications of DNA technology (talk)
* LDAP – Its Mysteries and Example Use (talk)
* An Introduction to Biodiesel (talk)
* The Joys of 3D Printing (talk)
* Inside of a PC (demonstration)
* Pretty and Bright – DIY Christmas Ornaments (workshop)
* Secure yourself online (talk)
* Free Firewalling – All it costs is patience (talk)

For full Information<

Saturday 6th November

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Public Awarness? What about Manufacturers?

Saorview certification is just a convenience for retailer and consumer to take away guess work.

Distributors and Manufacturers in a sense should be smarter.

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Saorview Technical Launch

RTÉ's new Digital Terrestrial Television service, SAORVIEW, will be available from today [29th October 2010] on a trial basis. RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, TV3*, TG4 and RTE News Now are being broadcast from today. The full SAORVIEW service, which will include other channels and services, will be launched in the spring of next year. RTÉ Director-General Cathal Goan said SAORVIEW will be a major change in Irish broadcasting.

via RTE News <and also Irish Times< 
16:30 3rd November 2010 * TV3 has joined Saorview *

Update 17th November 2010  TV3e has joined Saorview.


Read more here (updated link) <and lots more information on Free digital TV<

Update 29th October 2010  * NEW Saorview Sites!*

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Why Mobile will probably never be Broadband.

It's all down to Economics, not technology!

You could do Broadband even with Edge or 3G. But you would need a couple of base stations for each street. Or even more. This is nothing to do with GSM/EDGE, 3G/HSPA, LTE or Mobile Wimax but the problems of

1) Inverse Square law. You need x4 the power and get 1/4 the capacity per user if you double distance to Mast. Thus 2km vs 250m radius cell needs 16x power and gives 1/16th capacity per user, no matter what technology is used.

2) There are practical limits on Spectrum. At typical signal levels the capacity is really pretty much how much spectrum there is. No Technology can solve this.

Such a high density of base stations is not needed for Voice calls.

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New Radar Earth Map. SRTM is only 30m x 30m. The new map will be better than 12x12m See BBC Technology<

BBC Transponder changes will knock out reception for FTA satellite receivers.
Retune October 18th @ 0500h BBC 1 NI, BBC 2 NI, BBC 4, Ceebies will move transponder. BBC 1/2 NI will move to 10,8175 Vert. BBC4/CBeebies will move to 10,802 Horz. via<

Starsem Soyuz launch
19th October 2010 Live broadcast starts at 16:56 Universal Time – H.0. 17:10 (UTC)

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Ka-Sat: Mission Control


On schedule for 19th December 2010,  Operational April 2011?

Update 30th May 2011: Saorsat is now testing from Ka-Sat<

Update: 7:03am 27th December 2010: Final Separation. Launch last night at 9:51 was a success.<

Blog from ILS<

We started joint operations yesterday afternoon. It was a long day, but all parties did a great job and worked very hard to get the spacecraft (SC) mated to the payload adapter (PLA). Today the SC/PLA stack was mated to the Breeze M and is vertical in Hall 101 undergoing joint electrical testing.
It’s awesome to see the SC mated to the Breeze M. The great thing about joint ops starting is that we are getting closer to the launch!

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Continuing Lies about Broadband.

Click are offering really good value Compaq/HP netbook. It comes with a "Free" 3 Ireland USB Mobile Broadband Dongle.

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Mobile Pay TV?

Beginning of the end for Mobile pay TV?

Qualcomm is reportedly pulling the plug on its US MediaFLO service, after discovering that even Americans won't pay to watch broadcast TV on mobile phones.


Two years ago, Qualcomm spent more than £8m on UK spectrum ideally suited to MediaFlo

IPW has promoted IPW-TV for unused single channel spectrum (no FDD pairing)

Europe has promoted DVB-h

Mobile operators have toyed with 3G based streaming and loFi TV broadcast over DAB network.

But Terrestrial Pay TV is dubious and for intermittent "on the go" usage even more so. Most TV viewing in a UK DVB-h (mobile) trail was simply "personal" TV at home. Not real Mobile.