Saorview Technical Launch

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RTÉ's new Digital Terrestrial Television service, SAORVIEW, will be available from today [29th October 2010] on a trial basis. RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, TV3*, TG4 and RTE News Now are being broadcast from today. The full SAORVIEW service, which will include other channels and services, will be launched in the spring of next year. RTÉ Director-General Cathal Goan said SAORVIEW will be a major change in Irish broadcasting.

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16:30 3rd November 2010 * TV3 has joined Saorview *

Update 17th November 2010  TV3e has joined Saorview.


Read more here (updated link) <and lots more information on Free digital TV<

Update 29th October 2010  * NEW Saorview Sites!*

Saorview web site live< (click on logo).
RTE Saorview sub site<
RTE NL updated (click)<
RTE NL Saorview page<
RTE NL Brochure (PDF link)<
BAI Updated<
DCNER (Dept of Comms Press Release<)

Saor is the Gaelic for Free (pronounced S(h)e-ear, almost sear, not shear ). Existing analogue TV (TV via an aerial)
is free. You pay a TV licence simply for having a Receiving Apparatus.
Saorview is the name for the new all digital service that will replace
the existing Analogue TV. It's not a competitor to Sky, Magnet or UPC.
Simply a replacement.

Digital Dividend (see more here)<

For Ireland, the switch-off of the analogue signal releases valuable spectrum which can be used for wireless broadband and new mobile services. It is estimated that Ireland will benefit to the amount of €500 million over the next decade as a result of this digital dividend.

Actually that is greed and revenue raising by auctioning the spectrum to 3 or 4 operators at highest price, rather than leasing it to one Wholesale operator that is offering the best infrastructure. It's Unique spectrum with unique properties and the greater value to the Nation in cash is how it's reused, not maximising the "sell off"

* Note: Unsurprisingly TV3 didn't come to the opening. We don't know when TV3 will join Saorview, possibly in Spring / Summer 2011. Not later than October 2012

Sources  claimed on 3rd November 2010 "TV3 do not expect to appear on the Saorview DTT service until February / March 2011" Which happens to be about time of "Full launch Spring 2011" However about 16:30 that day TV3 did join Saorview