Saorview logo and first setbox?

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Seen on a Retail mag for TV in Ireland and scanned by Byte 20th August 2010


(From IER , Irish Electrical Review, a Trade magazine for Electrical Retailers)

Walker Technology Products Ltd., was founded in July 2005 to supply a range of televisions especially designed for the Irish market. The two directors who set the business up were previously senior executives with Mitsubishi Electric involved in the sales and marketing of the very successful market leading range of Black Diamond televisions. The Walker branded range of LCD televisions are sourced from the same factory that manufactured for Mitsubishi Electric and other major Japanese brands for distribution in Europe. Therefore insuring that Walker LCD's offer the latest features, excellent quality and terrific value for money.

That might mean the Setbox is made by Vestel. Vestel make/made many Black Diamond, Bush and other well known brands.
(See<). However while their website shows no set-boxes of any kind.<l, many well known brand Freeview (UK DTT) setbox and PVR are made by Vestel.  But it could be really any existing DVB-T HD MPEG4 H.264 AAC audio SCART + HDMI set box with MHEG middleware added and certified by Teracom AB.

Possible Setbox?


The on screen EPG shot can also be entirely custom with manufacturers own design of logo, using ordinary DVB information and nothing to do with any RTENL graphics or MHEG5.

See here for overview of Free Digital Television< (DTT and satellite)  in Ireland

UK official Logo Scheme<


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The Saorview logo seen on Vestel stand IFA Berlin by "view_from_afar" < in Sept 2010


I have just been to the IFA show in Berlin where the last  Saorview logo featured in the Cush's earlier post was shown in connection with a pretty basic looking Saorview (and also labelled on a poster as Soarview) set top box. There was no sign of a corresponding DVR - they had very many DVR's for a wide range of European DVB-T(2) providers, many with hybrid IPTV offerings. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me, nor was there any printed material available.