Ka-Sat: Mission Control

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On schedule for 19th December 2010,  Operational April 2011?

Update 30th May 2011: Saorsat is now testing from Ka-Sat<

Update: 7:03am 27th December 2010: Final Separation. Launch last night at 9:51 was a success. http://www.techtir.ie/blog/watty/ka...<

Blog from ILS<

We started joint operations yesterday afternoon. It was a long day, but all parties did a great job and worked very hard to get the spacecraft (SC) mated to the payload adapter (PLA). Today the SC/PLA stack was mated to the Breeze M and is vertical in Hall 101 undergoing joint electrical testing.
It’s awesome to see the SC mated to the Breeze M. The great thing about joint ops starting is that we are getting closer to the launch!

International Launch Services on Dec. 7 released the following statement about its Ka-Sat launch preparations.

"We expect to receive an interim [Proton failure] report in approximately one week that may include details on the respective performance of the Block DM-03 upper stage built and operated by RSC Energia and the three lower Proton M stages, all built and operated by Khrunichev Research and State Production Center, the majority owner of ILS. While the Proton M is a flight-proven configuration, this was a maiden flight of the Block DM-03 upper stage, which is a derivative of Energia’s Block DM-3.

"The Ka-Sat satellite built by Astrium for Eutelsat is scheduled for launch on December 20 using the Proton M Breeze M launch vehicle. The Breeze M upper stage, like the Proton M stages, is built and operated by Khrunichev. The Ka-Sat satellite launch campaign continued with the completion of the spacecraft propellant loading yesterday, and the start of joint operations today with mating to the payload adapter system.

"Further information will be provided on the status of the December 5 Proton M Block DM-03 GLONASS-M mission investigation as well as the upcoming ILS Proton Ka-Sat launch as soon as it becomes available," the statement concludes.

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Proton M not to blame for last Launch loss ILS news<

Ka-Sat will be used for Tooway cheap VSAT/DOCSIS based (two way satellite) Internet and RTE NL's Saorsat, a fill-in and backup for Saorview DTT, Perhaps the Highest Capacity Satellite ever Launched, though ViaSat1 next year for USA is maybe 20% more (same system/design). If the Launch and Commissioning is a success!

New Links: Mission Control <and Briefing Document (PDF download)<  News Release<

19th November 2010. Ka-Sat satellite arrives at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

21st November 2010 Ka-Sat Mission Blog at Baikonur< commenced

New Link: MediaNetwork Blog< (Link added 22nd Nov 2010)

Shipping of Proton from Russia to Kazakhstan has concluded (see link)<
on 28th October 2010 by train. Also the Breeze-M upper stage for the Proton launch vehicle that will be used to loft the Eutelsat’s KA-SAT communications satellite in December, has been carried by an Antonov cargo plane, operated by Polet Airlines, to Jubileyniy airport of Baikonur 28th October 2010.

Earlier I wrote

It takes a few weeks to finalise orbital position after Launch and then a while to test all systems. It's unlikely a Test signal before February 2011 or March 2011. Reports of 19th Dec 2010 and 21st Dec 2010 for Launch also.

But on Eutelsat news

Eutelsat's KA-SAT is the first of a new generation of High Throughput Satellites in Europe. It is optimised for consumer broadband services and targeting users located beyond range of high-speed terrestrial networks. Fully-operating in Ka-band frequencies and with total throughput of over 70 Gigabits per second, the satellite will be located at Eutelsat's 9 degrees East position. Through a configuration of 82 spot beams and a ground infrastructure of ten gateways connected to the Internet, service will be provided across Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. In addition to supporting expansion of Eutelsat's TOOWAY(TM) consumer broadband service, KA-SAT will open new resources for telecom operators, broadcasters and ISPs, for data and video services.

Estimated satellite  schedule
Launch: December 2010, Note: Satellites generally enter into service one to two months after
launch, KA-SAT, however, is expected to enter into service in April 2011

via Eutelsat

A Proton M at the Launch pad

Mission Updates

(status complete in bold)

  • SC Separation
  • Fifth Burn
  • Fourth Burn
  • APT Jettison
  • Third Burn
  • Second Burn
  • First Burn
  • Stage Separations
  • Liftoff
  • Rollout to Pad 39
  • Breeze M Fueling
  • Begin Joint Operations
  • SC Fuel Loading
  • Space Craft Arrival
  • GSE Arrival
  • Early Team Arrival
  • Breeze M Arrival
  • Proton Arrival


Ka-Sat Flight Plan

The Geo-Transfer Orbit (GTO) is also sometimes a Holman Orbit and can be done with two burns from an Ariane Launch. Proton Launches may require five burns as the Launch site is in Kazakhstan rather than South America. Closest to the Equator is easier.

A launch can go wrong <even after successful initial lift, The W3B is the last Eutelsat Launch before Ka-Sat. Sad

See Saorsat (link)< for more information

via Lyngsat Launches <

Date (UTC)

Satellite Launcher Location Comments Source



Nilesat 201<

Ariane 5 - V196
4 Ka tps and 24 Ku tps
will replace Nilesat 101<



Rascom QAF 1R<

Ariane 5 - V196
12 Ku tps and 8 C tps
will replace Rascom 1<



ChinaSat 6A<

Long March 3B
8 Ku tps and 24 C tps and 1 S tp
will replace ChinaSat 5C<
Satlaunch Team



Sirius XM 5

S tps (radio satellite) Satelit TV Video




Ariane 5 - V197
12 Ku tps Eutelsat



Eutelsat W3B

Ariane 5 - V197


3 Ka tps and 53 Ku tps



Zohreh 1
Soyuz 34.0°E 12 or 16 Ku tps Satelit TV Video

19 DEC 2010


Hylas 1

Ariane 5 - V198
33.5°W 8 Ka tps and 2 Ku tps Satlaunch Team

1011 late

Intelsat 17

Ariane 5 - V198
46 Ku tps and 28 C tps
will replace Intelsat 702<
Satlaunch Team


G-Sat 5
GSLV 82.0°E 18 C tps Sat-ND


Eutelsat Ka-Sat

>80 spot beams S Günes

Eutelsat W3B developed a fuel tank leak just after separation on 28th October 2010. It will be replaced perhaps in 2013. Ka-Sat is the next Eutelsat Launch

Update 30th October 2010. W3B is declared a total loss.<