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UK Digital TVs sold in Ireland : Get your money back !

If you find yourself in the situation that you cannot receive digital TV due to your TV not having the correct decoder you could get your money back.

In 2009 [Last year form 3rd Nov 2010] I bought a TV from Aldis under the impression it was an Irish  "digital TV" . I never asked and they never told me it would not work . All I knew was there was  "digital TV" written on the box , the leaflets and even the TV itself.  In April of this year I tried to tune in my tv for digital channels following a conversation at work about digital. The channels appeared with sound, epg but no picture. So I immediately contacted Aldi.  I had bought the TV in 2009 so when I contacted Aldi about the problem it was well over 12 months old.

This is how I got a full refund and luckily I still had my old TV so I didn't have to rush out for a replacement . I now intend to wait a while longer before deciding what TV to get.

1.If the TV was advertised as a "digital TV" then if it does not work in Ireland the retail is in breach of the Sales of good act 1980 for false advertising.