Retail ASO awareness part1

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I was sent into Limerick City to investigate the state of Retail with regards the ASO and DSO. I was given a form to fill in after leaving each shop.

I did not make my self obvious to shop employees as far as they knew I was a simple customer or window shopper.

One of the first things I noticed about the places I went to was the sheer absence of reference to the ASO, DSO and Saorview.

(See for all about Irish Digital TV<)

In fact it was like nothing had changed, like the switch over was not to be, and Saorview did not exist! Of course maybe the problem was there wasn't enough room on the small tags attached to the TVs (Tags that had most of their space taken up with the price).

My first stop was Jack Fitzgerald, and to be fair, their business is mostly domestic appliances, considering how little information the few TV's had on, perhaps it would be best if stuck to the domestic appliances. Of course no signs or anything referring to the ASO or Saorview or indeed anything like that. In the case of a small shop this is quite forgiveable.

Next up was Argos, the information on their TV can be seen in any of their catalogues (which are better than most stating more information and generally stating whether or not the TV is Digital compatible), but again no nice big sign warning customers of impending switch over.

After that was Currys, who do not label a single TV as incompatible, though they have labelled some as Irish Digital compatible, the others say nothing. Ah and of course we have the infamous 'HD ready' and 'Full HD' waiting to catch the unwary unknowing. After all you'd think with a name like Full HD it would be able to get all the HD broadcasts...

Then it was Savins and the Panasonic Store. Small cards listing little information, they didn't even put anything on saying a TV was Irish digital compatible. Some TVs only had a price tag, I guess the idea was you asked the staff about it, which these days is not a good thing as most businesses are wanting to sell goods, not provide a service.

Buyer Beware indeed, Speaking as a person with quite limited knowledge of technical things I have to admit I am very glad I live with tech savvy people, before I started on this, I knew very little, now I would not even dream of buying a TV myself without advice. It would be absurdly easy for somebody to unintentionally pick up an incompatible TV, mainly because they are being sold. If a product is not fit for purpose it shouldn't be sold, simple as that, but they are being sold.

No mention of the ASO or the DSO is made, no posters, no signs, but you can be sure they will appear, as so as they can sell New TVs to people who have already bought new ones that are not compatible.

EDIT: One other thing I forgot to mention a number (three or four) of the places I went to were no longer present.

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